Club Meeting Dates

JCARC will be meeting at St. Clement’s Healthcare which is located @ 300 Liguori Drive in Liguori MO.  Liguori Drive is located off Metropolitan Drive about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile north of the Windsor Library.   Once you’re on Liguori Drive, there’s signs to direct you behind the building to the entrance to the meeting room.   We’re still meeting @ 9:00am on the first Saturday of the month.   Very nice meeting room which will allow for more demonstrations & programs to promote our hobby after the monthly meetings


Month Club Meeting Date
January 01-06-2024
February 02-03-2024
March 03-02-2024
April 04-06-2024
May 05-06-2023
June 06-03-2023
July 07-1-2023
August 08-05-2023
September 09-02-2023
October 10-07-2023
November 11-04-2023
December 12-02-2023

****Please note that the December meeting date will vary due to the Christmas party the set date will be announced closer to December.