Club and Board Meeting Dates

Please note due to COVID-19 we have to cancel April meeting dates. And possibly future dates for right now we are planning on having one of our regular weekly nets to act as a meeting.

Every one please stay safe during this time and we hope to talk to you on the radio.


Month Club Meeting Date Board Meeting Date
January 01-04-2020  01-13-2020
February 02-01-2020 02-10-2020
March 03-07-2020 03-09-2020
April 04-04-2020 04-13-2020
May 05-02-2020 05-11-2020
June 06-06-2020 06-08-2020
July HOLIDAY NO MEETING 07-13-2020
August 08-01-2020 08-10-2020
September 09-05-2020 09-14-2020
October 10-03-2020 10-12-2020
November 11-07-2020 11-09-2020
December 12-05-2020 12-14-2020

****Please note that he December meeting date will vary due to the Christmas party the set date will be announced closer to December.