Up coming event’s and HamFest’s

Field Day 2022

We will be at Sunridge Park once again.   For those not familiar with this park, it’s located about 4 miles north of Hillsboro at 8093 Tower Road Hillsboro, MO 63050.  The Club will supply the main course & ask Club members to bring side items to share with everyone.   Also, they need to supply their own drinks.   We will have coffee for those who would like that.

Set up will start @ 8:00am on Saturday June 25, 2022 & will go through the night & into Sunday June 26, 2022.

Sun Ridge park-Operating location for JCARC Feild Day
John N0HKK operating QRP for the JCARC Feild day 2020
Adam N0ZIB Operating CW

The Zero beaters HamFest

Sunday July 17th, 2022 from 7:00am-12:00pm the Zero Beaters Amateur Radio Club will hold their 60th annual HamFest at Knights of Columbus Hall at 1121 Columbus
Lane in Washington, MO 63090.

The event will be held indoors and outdoors with food and drink. At the HamFest you can also find the Cliff Cave VE testing team for anyone who wants to get their license or upgrade.


For more information please got to Zero Beaters A.R.C. website.

For more information on the Cliff Cave VE team please go to their website.

hamfest 2022