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April 2nd 2022 general club meeting

JCARC-MINUTES-CLUB MEET-APRIL 2, 2022 @ ST. CLEMENT HEALTH CARE CENTER, LIGOURI, MO FROM SECRETARY NOTES, KD0VEB, BILL SUBMITTING 9:00 NOHKK, John, Club President called meeting to order.   13 Members In-Person……….. 3 Via ZOOM. TREASURY REPORT      Read by KB0WWQ, Lori, Treasurer.  As of March 1, 2022       Checking:                                                                          Equip:                                               Total:       … Read More »

August 7th general meeting 2021

JCARC-MINUTES-CLUB MEET-SAT-AUG 7, 2021 Club met at Masonic Temple, Fenton. 11 Members present FROM SECRETARY NOTES, KD0VEB, BILL SUBMITTING 9:01AM NOHKK, JOHN, CLUB PRESIDENT CALLED MEETING TO ORDER. Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Member introductions all around. TREASURER’S REPORT Bal as of 8/6/2021 Checking: ACCEPTED SECRETARY’S REPORT No meeting Sat, July 3, 2021 (Holiday Weekend)… Read More »

October 6 General Meeting Minutes

Jefferson County Radio Club Minutes of October 6, 2018 Opened at 9:05 am with 20 in attendance Secretary report given by Donna, KB0RQJ. Bill, KD0EPA made a motion to accept. Gary, KD0RIS seconded. Treasurer’s report given by Eric, KC0YCJ. Balance is, with an available balance of, to spend. Jeff KJ4JDK made motion to accept. Al,… Read More »