September 1 2018 General Meeting Minutes

By | October 13, 2018

Jefferson County minutes from September 1, 2018


Called to order at 9:06am

The report from the Treasurer shows balance of $2,973.79  with the Equipment Fund of $837.00. Gary KD0RIS made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Al KA0MEB seconded.

Wayne W0CLK made motion to accept the Secretary’s report. John N0HKK seconded.

Jim Berger WA0FQK reported on the Bottleneck Bike ride. There was only one major incident, a broken elbow. Jim said there was an article in QST about us.

W9UVI, The Peoria Hamfest will be September 15 and 16 of 2018. Advance tickets are $7. $10 at the gate.  The Halloween Hamfest will be Oct. 27th.

Karl KE0JWK is starting a Facebook page.

Kevin K0KEV asked if anyone had information for the website. Lori asked if I would send minutes to Kevin to be put on the website.

A discussion ensued about HARN. The hospitals will be used in an emergency disaster to communicate with each other.

December 1 will be the Christmas Party. Bruce K0ARY made a motion for the party to be held at Ponderosa in Arnold. Bill KA0RGI seconded. It will start at 5pm.

Shining Hope is the website started by Don N0POD for his work in Haiti.

Net controls will be on Sept 3, The hospital will provide the Sept 10th Gary RIS will do the 17th, Sept. 24 will be Bill WB0MHU, Oct 1 Bill VEB. October 6 is our next meeting.

Bill, KA0RGI make a motion to adjourn, Bill WBOMHU seconded.



Donna KB0RQJ