August 4 2018 General Meeting

By | September 15, 2018

Aug. 4, 2018


Meeting opened at 9 am.


Eric KC0YCJ stated the Treasurer’s Report to be $3,754.79.  Bill, KA0RGI, made a motion to accept. Jim WA0FQK, seconded.


Donna KB0RQJ read the Secretary’s Report. Al KA0MEB made a motion to accept the Secretary’s Report. Jim WA0FQK, seconded.


Jim WA0FQK announced the Bottleneck ride is the 19th of August in Festus. There will not be a 100 mile ride this year.


John N0HKK will be the new Trustee of the repeater as approved at our Board Meeting. This will take affect as of January 1, 2019.


Lori KB0WWQ brought a flyer for F & D BBQ Smokehouse to be considered for our Christmas Party December 1, 1018.


Kevin K0KEV has been keeping the website updated.


Al KA0MEB mentioned a 10 meter net on 28.375 on Wednesday nights at 7:30.


August 12 is the St. Charles Hamfest. Talk in is 146.670. Joplin Hamfest is the 24th and 25th.


Lori KB0WWQ has reserved our room at the library for 2019.


August 13 will be our next Board Meeting at 6 pm at the hospital.


CQ magazine subscription has been renewed at the library.


Net controls were assigned for the month of August.


Donna KB0RQJ won the  $6    50/50.


Bill KA0RGI make a motion to adjourn. Bill WB0MHU seconded 10:11am



Donna Roland