September 10 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

By | September 11, 2018

JEFFERSON COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO CLUB Board Meeting Minutes September 10, 2018

The meeting was called to order by the President, KB0WWQ, at 6:14 PM in the MERCY Jefferson Memorial Hospital in Festus, Missouri. In attendance: WA0FQK, KB0WWQ, K0ARY, WB0MHU, KD0EPA, N0HKK, KA0MEB, KD0IQP, Guest, AA0LM.

Old Business EOC No Report.

Transfer of Trustee January will be the transition of Trustee of the Repeaters 147.075 and 147.105 to N0HKK. Nomination of a board member is needed since he is a trustee of the repeaters.

Christmas Dinner Ponderosa has been chosen for the dinner and KB0WWQ will put $50.00 deposit for the room. We will need everyone to give some suggestions for programs for that night.

Halloween Hamfest WA0FQK will get a table for the hamfest and will share with anyone from the club that wants to sell their equipment.

Nominations 2019 nominations are coming up and all need to present their nominees soon since there are many openings. November 3, 2018 will be voting date.

Transfer of Generator Certificate of transfer of the JCPL generator to Haiti disaster relief needs to be in writing according to CYA, A motion was made and passed for the transfer.

JOTA 7:30 startup at the Conservation Club in Jefferson County. KD0QYN is going to have digital presentation for the Scouts. Morse Code testing

will be offered with needed tables and chairs and area for the testing plus equipment. There will be a fish fry at the Conservation Club at $10.00 a head.

10 Meter Party Coming up soon just check the arrl site for information,

911 Repeater A motion and vote was made to donate the old 147.105 repeater to the Haiti disaster relief since installation of the new repeater will be coming soon. Other clubs may also donate equipment to the relief effort.

President KB0WWQ will be absent from October 6 – 8 2018 and will be back by October 12, 2018 and will need nominees sent to her. She also will not run for President but would be glad to be on the board if nominated.

Secretary The position may need to be filled at the next election.

Meeting The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,