January 2018 Club Meeting Minutes

By | January 8, 2018

Meeting Minutes January 6, 2018

The Jefferson County Amateur Radio Club meeting was called to order by
KB0WWQ at 9:09 AM at the Windsor Branch Library in Barnhart, Missouri.
Treasurer’s Report
KC0YCJ reported Balance $3,302.11
Equipment Fund 514.00
Bank Balance $2,788.11

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted and announcement of Club dues now being
accepted from members and those wanting membership in the club.
Secretary’s Report

KB0RQJ was not present to deliver Secretary’s Report.

KE0JWK reported the Facebook page is in good operating condition.

WA0FQK and WB0MHU announced there are no current problems on the
repeaters, but some tropospheric ducting may cause a few problems. Will resume
shed upkeep with better weather forecast. EOC will be set up for HF with good
antenna. Set up nice console in the radio room.
Information Exchange

WB0MHU requesting dialogue between amateurs on what programs and
equipment they are using and give demonstrations on what they have learned and
are doing. Explanations of constructing equipment as circuit boards etc.

Lightning Talks

WB0MHU explained the technique of amateurs compacting information to explain
details quickly.

DMR Radio

N0HKK brought sample of DMR station, an easy set-up and inexpensive operation.

JOTA Patches

KC0YCJ announced the patches are being sent. Next time can preorder some
patches for the Boy Scouts that make contacts.

Merit Badge Counselor

KC0YCJ looking for someone to take on this position.


January 27, 2018 which does have a website. Collinsville IL. Expo Center

Field Day

Sun Ridge will be reserved, but still open to suggestions for another location.

June 23-24 2018 set-up times to be announced later.

Missouri Award

K0ARY said the award was still pending

Twin City Bicycle Classic

Timed bicycle ride in Jefferson County on May 20, 2018 and sponsoring the ride
are Jefferson County Pickleball League, Inc. and Jefferson County Amateur Radio
Club. Estimate of 20 Amateurs to assist in the ride.

MS 150

September 8-9 2018 need drivers and Amateurs at the event.

Fox Hunt

KD0EPA will try to set spring-time event for the club.

Board Meeting

January 8, 2018, 6:00 PM Monday, at Mercy Regional Hospital in Festus, Mo.

$16.00 awarded.
Meeting Adjourned at 9:52 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Berger, AA0LM