August 5 2017

By | September 7, 2017


Meeting called to order by President, Lori-KB0WWQ @ 9:04am.
Pledge of Allegiance was recited & all attendees introduced themselves.

50/50’s being sold by John-KC0DFA.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Eric-KC0YCJ. It shows we have a balance as of July 31, 2017 of
$2,560.28. No funds are currently in the Equipment fund. We owe $30.00 to the Missouri Secretary of
State for our state registration, which Eric will take care of completing & submitting to the State. This
will leave a balance of $2,530.28. Motion was made by Art-N0CYF & 2nd

by Bill-KA0RGI to accept

Treasurer’s Report as read. Motion carried.
No Secretary’s Report was available.

Jim-WA0FQK gave a report on upcoming Bottleneck Bridge Ride on Sunday, 8/20/17. This is the 2nd
year for this event, but the 1st time we’ll be providing radio communication between the rest stops, sag
wagons & the start/finish points. This will start & finish at the Main & Mill Brewery in Festus, MO at
7:30am. Kevin-K0KEV will be Net Control for this event & they’re in need of 10-12 more operators to
man the rest stops & sag wagons. Names & contact information was gathered by Lori-KB0WW &
forwarded on to Jim & Kevin.

Jim-WA0FQK also reported the new AC unit was installed at the .075 repeater site & all is well at the site
for now.

The Club wants to thank Jim-WA0FQK & Bill-WB0MHU for their work at the new EOC Office in
Herculaneum, MO. The EOC office will be installing a new antennae at their new EOC office so they
can be operational for the Total Solar Eclipse event that’s taking place on Monday, 8/21/17. They also
want our input on a permanent set up for the Ham Equipment that’s was previously purchased for their
use. Jefferson County EOC will foot the bill for this set up.

Bruce-K0ARY will coordinate any HF operators who wish to use the N0S Callsign during the Solar
Eclipse special event time period of 8/20/17 thru 8/22/17. Only 1 operator per band per mode can use this
Special Events Callsign at a time. He will update QRZ for the N0S event.

Field Day Contact report was given by Don-KD0OQV. Report has been submitted & the results will be
published in the December, 2017 issue of QST Magazine.
Club members discussed & decided we would not be participating as a Club for the Ohio Party this year
as it is in conflict with the Total Solar Eclipse weekend that many of our Club members are already
committed to working the Bottleneck Bridge Ride & Eclipse Watch Parties.

Karl-KE0JWK gave us an update of the Club’s Facebook page.
The Missouri QSO Party plaque for the Highest Digital Score that the Club sponsored has not been
awarded as of yet. Bruce-K0ARY will check out & advise when this has been awarded.

JOTA for 2017 is scheduled for 10/21/17 @ the Festus-Crystal City Conservation Club which is located
on Hwy 61, south of Festus off exit 170 of Southbound I-55. Art-N0CYF made a motion which was
2nd by Gary-KD0RIS that we go ahead & order the number of flyers Eric-KC0YCJ requests. We’re
thinking in the neighborhood of 50-75 copies. Motion carried.

Eastern Ozark Club @ Bonne Terre will be hosting the 2017 Bonne Terre Aire Festival 8/19/17 thru

8/21/17. Al-KA0MEB has additional information if anyone needs it.
Net Controls were assigned for the month.

Next Board Meeting is Monday, 8/14/17 @ 6:00pm @ Mercy Hospital-Jefferson in Conference Room A.
50/50’s collected $13.00 which makes the winner an award of $6.50. Eric-KC0YCJ had the winning
ticket & he donated his winnings back to the club.
A motion was made by Al-KA0MEB & 2nd by Art-N0CYF that all 50/50 monies (Club’s portion plus
anything that’s donated back) be allocated to the Equipment Fund so we can build that account back up in
case we need to buy any other new equipment. Motion carried.

It was mentioned that on the Total Eclipse Day (8/21/17) that the Cell Phone towers will be overwhelmed
& that Ham Radio will still be fully operational without any interruptions.
Motion was made by Gary-KD0RIS & 2nd by Art-N0CYF to adjourn the meeting since there wasn’t any other business to discuss. Motion carried & the meeting adjourned @ 10:11am.
Reported by Michelle-AA0LM & Bill-KD0EPA.