Board Meeting Aug 14 2017

By | August 19, 2017


Board Meeting Minutes August 14, 2017 6:03 PM the meeting was called to order. Secretary’s Report None

Treasurer’s Report None

Old Business Application for commendation letter for student will be postponed until next year. N0S More information needed for setup of n0S station for the eclipse.

Bottleneck Bridge Ride Emergency Management will now be involved due to new antenna mast and antenna for Amateur operations at their location. Need Ham operators at rest stop location and a few in vehicles with radio and emergency supplies.

Eastern Ozark Air Festival The festival will be this weekend with balloon glow, airplane rides, craft shows, Ozark Radio Club will also be there. Fox Hunt Location slated for Jefferson Barracks, but put on hold for renovations. May be scheduled for October.

Christmas Party/Club Meeting for December Looking into the Russell House or the Ponderosa. Other suggestions may be issued. Jefferson County Amateur Radio Club meeting room Arrangements for Library and Mercy Hospital are being made.

JOTA Need information for those wanting to earn their Scout Badge. Family Net Permission for the 147.075 to have family get-together on the air. Permission was granted. Meeting adjourned 6:05. AA0LM Respectfully Submitted