May 6 2017

By | May 9, 2017


Meeting Minutes May 6, 2017

Meeting called to order by KB0WWQ, Lori with the pledge of Allegiance at 9:03


Treasurer’s Report

April 20, 2017 Balance $3,508.40

Owe 775.84

Bal. $2,732.68

The amount of $42.00 will be paid to WA0YZW for a connector for the new

antenna. The JCARC motioned and accepted to pay the fee.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

Secretary’s Report

KB0WWQ announced the secretary position was open and a vote for a new

Secretary will be the June meeting. K0ARY volunteered.

The minutes for the April meeting will be presented in the June meeting.

Fox Hunt

Due to climate conditions, the Fox Hunt will be after the June meeting.


Plaques were presented to WA0FQK, WA0YZW, WB0MHU BY N0CYF for ARES

commending them on the new antenna.

Emergency Broadcasts

KA0MEB announced that the Emergency Management would call the Jefferson

County Amateur Radio Club to do emergency broadcasts on repeaters.

Repeater Updates

WA0FQK explained the work and complications with the 7.075 antenna

replacement and hardline work. A more compatible connector to the hard line will

be initiated in the future.

7.075 is historic and has been regenerated, updated, by many dedicated hams.

The original designer,builder, WA0YXG.

Bike Ride

Bottleneck Bridge ride in August will have many more riders with a longer route

and will need ham operators on the route and sag wagons.


August 21, 2017 is posted in QST. N4RSN graciously donated his front yard for

setup, located DeSoto and 110.

Herculaneum will have their Solarfest and K0ARY will set up there.

Many JCARC members can use N0S on the 20th of August.

Field Day

Discussion of food ideas were noted.

Bonne Terre Air Festival August 19, 2017

Assorted rides, food, games.

Dayton Hamvention

May 18-21

Net Controls

May 9, Board Meeting

May 15, WB0WEJ

May 22, KA0RGI

May 29, KA0MEB


$11.50 returned to the club

Board Meeting

May 9, 2017 6 PM

Mo. QSO Party

K0ARY announced still active.

LUPUS Bike Ride

August 4, 2017 are asking for volunteers to cover bike ride.

ARES for St. Genevieve

Need monitors for levee 24 hours. Will do shifts, until water recedes. KD0HHM

contact for info.

Veterans Benefits

Veteran disounts were discussed and finally clarified.

Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully Submitted

Margaret Berger, AA0LM