Christmas Party 

SATUPDAY December 3rd

Everyone is invited to our annual Christmas Party on December 3 at Wesley Roger’s restaurant and buffet. Wesley Roger’s is located at Jeffco and Richardson Rd. This is the old Ponderosa. We will meet from 1pm until 4pm. We will dispense with our regular meeting agenda except to secure Net control operators for the month.

Awards will also be announced


Regular Monthly Meeting

First SATURDAY of the Month 9AM CST IN-PERSON 

St. Clement Health Care Center 300 Liguori Dr, Ligouri MO 630557 (Barnhart)
Liguori road is located 1/2 mile south of Highway M on the I-55 West service road (Metropolitan BLVD)



Get your amateur radio license
Testing for the 2022 year has resumed follow the link below for more information.

One of many places to get your amateur radio license in the St.louis area.

please go to https://cliffcaveve.com/ For more information on dates and locations for the 2022 year.

January meeting with special guest Bob Heil

If you missed our January meeting with the legendary Bob Heil presenting to the Jefferson County Amateur Radio Club via Zoom. Bob’s presentation was a blend of history, technology, and the art of amateur radio delivered in a way that only Bob Heil can. This was Bob’s 265th presentation since February 2020!.  Bob planned a custom presentation that not only included a brief history of his extensive ham radio career AND his Hall of Fame audio engineer career, but will included topics on “Understanding Audio Equalization,” “How to Properly Adjust Your Radio,” and everyone’s favorite – “ANTENNAS, ANTENNAS, ANTENNAS.”


If the embedded video is not working for you please click here

A word on the 147.105 repeater from our club president N0HKK

I am very happy to announce that we finally got the Openspot working for the 147.105 and all of the repeaters linked via WiresX on our System. With this, you can now talk from anywhere in the world even if mobile as long as you have internet, a hotspot and radio with Fusion, DMR, D-star, etc. you need to set your hotspot for FCS and select the server/room to 003 room 091 STL-Metro.

Formal Traffic on Nets

On Monday April 27th on the 147.075 weekly 8 pm practice net we had someone pass Formal Traffic, and nobody seemed to be familiar with it. It is not particularly common anymore, but it is good to know how to do it. It is sort of an Amateur Radio Telegram that is passed through networks until it gets to it’s destination.

For more information please go to the ARRL article below

Passing Formal Traffic

JCARC Provides Support for the 2018 Bottleneck Bridge Bike Ride


February 2018: Club Members Participate in CERT Training

Several club members renew their CPR/AED certifications during a monthly C.E.R.T. meeting at the Saline Valley Fire Protection District. CERT provides training for disaster preparedness, first aid, and CPR, and was recently activated in O’Fallon Missouri to help police locate a missing woman.

Weather Spotting Class Schedule for 2018

2017 Field Day Results are in

Some Photos from JOTA 2017:



March 6 2017:

One of JCARC’s own, Wayne Shirk, W0CLK, helps with disaster recovery in the aftermath of the Perryville, MO tornado.

KB0TLL Repeater: 147.075

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